I’m into sad sound
into slow jam
slow flow
your girl
that guy
daddy king god president pope dictator
god blessed me with the mess in my head
they still want my flesh
under my skirt
crying coz its heavy metal
pamela my spirit animal

i wear a mask
i wear 2
moan like you tasted this blue
if i crawl on my four in your fantasy
do i moan heavy brutal
not the only thing i have to offer
no fucking way
i wear a mask
I’m in a bed until it hurts
i always look like i just woke up
all the time
forever mine
u go to heaven with me or nah?
silent night
make out then fight
make sure u fight
long hair matrix wet
thats what she said
i run from the rain to catch the ocean
follow her
my heart
pick up my shit
when its dark I’m blind
i don’t know her
I’m someone else
crawl after her
my heart

resin lungs white crayon lick milk
i wear a mask
i wear 2
moan like you tasted this blue
if i crawl on all fours in your fantasy
do i moan heavy brutal
not the only thing i have to offer
my password is
no fucking way
i wear a mask
how the fuck should i know
it flows down my face
thick and fluid
love and sadness
white birds on the left
red birds on the right
you don’t know my name
i don’t know your name
we are kissing anyway
a time in a time
i want
to rest my arms forever on you

angels blaze like butterflies
let me do the honor
angels blaze like butterflies
let me go to the war instead of you
my angels hook up with dragons tonight
my name on a dragon body
where is water
when you need to dive in
be with me
6seconds dead
every time
every low i simply cannot find ur love

perfect body and perfect army
theres nobody better
than gods body
in the battle of gods
god lost
my sisters are my brothers
my sisters pushing shadows
will cover them in armor
god lost

nothing new to say ever
everything is said forever
absolutely nothing
n hallow
u can hear the echo
working class
local hero
on our way to steal your bitch at 6am
money is trash
so i keep it in a garbage bag

i have it romantic as fuck i bet u regret now
u getting a rebound huh
dont steal what you cannot pull
he looks like me
i got someone that looks like you too
watch me from the top
melted on the ground 4 u
a robotic body
aluminum tits so cold
i bought myself a cyborg goddess on a side
insert a coin to start
what she said was
came into my room
she started naked and lonely
entering the century age of digital ice era times
i used to watch white noise
to avoid silence
now i am watching blue gas in your mouth

the night of broken phones
women carrying knives
to the stage
still crossing the borders
pink sheets sink deep
soaking in my pink
snakes try to swallow a tumor
on a wedding day
i swore to myself
6seconds dead

versace versace
medusa the goddess of illuminati
she been always good at sports n she wins races
when she races boys
versace versace
mistakes of the daughter
on the surveillance
same mistakes like mothers
versace versace
go back in time and make the same mistakes twice
i wanna be a president and a wife
propose to him and marry him
pamela my spirit animal
my spell strong like the truth
my name on a dragon body
blow a candle light a candle
get lit like full moon

let me slide in
mustang like in
touch your shoulder
mustang like love
kiss your neck
mustang like leader seat black
massage your light blue tight jeans on you
tight on me
mustang like glossy paint
blow smoke behind the wheel
mustang like haze
mustang like rubber burn

soft kitty, warm kitty
little ball of fur
we fell in love
on molly
12 stolen bodies
i want to love everybody
it hurts but it been worse
pregnant with a cross
sex tape with no sex
didn’t mean to bring you with or down
flowers picked and ripped
bless me like im marias daughter
i spit water
fists go deep into waves
naked in the ocean
12 stolen bodies